Workplace Programs

An integral component of the Accord is a comprehensive workplace program with workers and factory owners. The goal of this programme is to empower workers and support factory owners to take ownership for making and keeping their factories safe.

This includes: making an effective contribution to the inspections, monitoring and implementing CAPs, building functioning Safety Committees, having access to a credible safety and health complaint mechanism, and being protected to refuse unsafe work if necessary.

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Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism

Please see here an overview of complaints raised with the Accord Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism

The Accord has a safety and health complaints mechanism to remedy safety concerns which are not being effectively addressed at the factory level. Workers and employees at Accord signatory producing factories shall have access to this complaint system. Accord complaint handlers will investigate and facilitate resolution of safety and health complaints received. Accord engineers will be utilized to determine the technical requirements for correcting the submitted complaint. Factory employees who utilize the safety and complaints mechanism will be protected from discrimination or reprisal for submitting a complaint to the Accord. Workers can raise concerns about health and safety risks safely, and if they choose so confidentially, with the Accord. The complaint mechanism ensures that safety and health concerns at the factories are properly addressed and remediated, and that the right to refuse unsafe work is upheld where necessary.

Safety Committees

The Accord will train and support joint labour-management Safety Committees at each factory producing for Accord signatory companies. Building these committees and making them effective in addressing and monitoring safety and health issues on a day-to-day basis is a central focus of the Accord training efforts. Functioning safety committees are key to making sure the aims of the Accord continue to be realised after the five year agreement and for the long term.

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