Accord ensures reinstatement of worker and proper fire safety training

The Accord’s safety and health complaint mechanism proves its effectiveness in providing access to remedy for safety concerns through resolution of complaint.

In July 2017 the Accord was contacted by a security guard working at an Accord covered factory, alleging that his employment was terminated despite the fact that he was, as he claimed, carrying out his duties during a scheduled fire drill. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Accord commenced an investigation into the matter.

The Accord visited the factory, interviewed numerous persons with a connection to the complaint and reviewed the fire drill procedure, including from the position of the security guard on the roof. It emerged that the security guard had been placed in a new duty position, alone on the roof, and believed that his job was to check all the stairwells during a fire drill, and in so doing this caused him to delay his egress from the building. The security guard was immediately suspended by Factory Management pending investigation, and was then advised by a third party that he should resign before his employment was terminated, and he duly did so.

The Accord required that the security guard is reinstated and that upon such reinstatement Factory Management must arrange for fire safety training for him and all other persons posted in atypical locations throughout the factory, so that all would be adequately prepared in the event of a fire drill or fire emergency. Factory Management were fully cooperative throughout this investigation and in implementing Accord requirements.


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