Health and Safety Complaints

Overview of complaints raised with the Accord Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism

Factory Name Date Filed Status Filed by Description Status/Outcome
Friends Stylewear Ltd. 1 April 2016 Non OSH Union Alleged union discrimination violations. Non-OSH complaint. Not processed by Accord. Complaint forwarded to signatories and labour partners.
Tanaz Fashions Ltd. 13 March 2016 Non OSH Union Alleged non-payment of maternity benefits. Non-OSH complaint. Not processed by Accord. Complaint forwarded to signatories and labour partners.
Rumana Fashion Ltd. 4 March 2016 Resolved Individual Worker(s) Complaint filed by a worker regarding heat generation by fusing machine creating an excessively hot work environment. Accord engineers investigated the complaint and determined that air circulation needed to be increased. The factory management committed to creating airflow through opening windows, installation of larger exhaust fans, and regular maintenance of fusing machines. The Safety Committee was involved in the process and workers were informed of the resolution through the PA system and distribution of a notification.
Bengal Textile Mills 29 February 2016 Not processed Individual Worker(s) Alleged non-payment of wages Not processed. Factory is not a listed supplier of Accord.
M.N. Clothing Limited 28 February 2016 Resolved Union Complaint filed by the union on behalf of workers of H.B. Fashion which is housed in the same building, alleging a partal collapse of a brick wall/portion of the building resulting in setttling of the foundation of the building. Accord engineers performed an inspection to investigate the complaint, and concluded that there was no collapse of a wall or other portion of the building nor was there settling of the foundation of the building. However, they observed that several remediation requirements and restrictions related to the Review Panel decision were not being met. Accord required immediate propping of columns and implementation of Review Panel requirements and informed the IG. Accord will continue to monitor remediation.
Azim Mannan Garments Ltd. 9 February 2016 Resolved Anonymous Alleged unsafe working condition as a result of structural integrity of the building. Accord engineers conducted an inspection and found that load management and load restriction requirements were not being adhered to.The factory has agreed to maintain a stricter regime of monitoring the load plan on all floors. Pamphlet had been distributed among the workers. Accord engineers continue to monitor implementation of the CAP.
Masco Cottons Ltd 18 January 2016 Resolved through seperate agreement between union &employer Union Alleged reprisal towards union members and union officers for their interest and involvement in Accord safety committee program. Negotiated settlement reached between union and employer outside Accord complaint process.
N. T. Apparels Ltd. 7 January 2016 In progress Union Complaint from union alleging the building is structurally unsafe with highly stressed columns and no as built drawings. Further allegations concerning inadequate fire and electrical remediation. Accord engineers conducted a follow-up inspection and confirmed a lack of progress in the retrofitting works, removal of lockable gates and fire separations. In accordance with the Escalation Protocol, the Accord issued a warning letter. The factory management subsequently provided pictoral evidence of remediation. A notification to the workers will be prepared. Accord will continue to monitor CAP implementation.

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