Safety Complaints Mechanism

The Accord safety and health complaints mechanism provides individual workers, groups of workers and worker representatives with access to remedy for safety concerns which are not being effectively addressed at the factory level.

The Accord complaints mechanism is explained to all workers using “All Employee Meetings”, which is direct worker contact at factories where the Safety Committee Training Program has started. A Booklet is distributed to workers who attend. Additionally, Accord staff and Safety Committee members place posters throughout the factory to inform workers how to raise safety concerns using Accord’s complaints mechanism.

The Accord will investigate safety and health complaints at Accord covered RMG factories. Complainants can choose to remain anonymous and will be protected from discrimination or reprisal for submitting a complaint to the Accord. The complaints mechanism ensures that safety and health concerns at the factories are properly addressed and remediated, and that the right to refuse unsafe work is upheld where necessary.

Accord Booklet for Workers
Complaint Mechanism Flowchart

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