Safety Committee factory walk-through improves workplace safety

The Accord Safety Committee training program includes a walk-through of the factory with the Accord trainer and Safety Committee members to identify actual or potential safety hazards. The Safety Committee of Cassiopea Fashion Ltd., together with the Accord trainer, conducted on 29 October 2017 such a walk-through after completing their Safety Monitoring training session.
Several safety hazards were identified and addressed.

The safety hazards identified by the Safety Committee – including electrical and machine hazards, and hazards leading to slips and falls – were reported to the Factory Management for remediation. Two weeks later, the Accord was informed by the Management that the required corrective actions had been implemented under the supervision of the Safety Committee.

Pictorial evidence of the remediation such as those shown below was provided to the Accord.

Factory walk-throughs are key to Accord’s Safety Committee Training Program: they provide Safety Committees with practical experience in identifying hazards at their factory; and they present a good opportunity for workers to recognize the members of their Safety Committee.

In addition to conducting factory inspections, Safety Committees respond to workers’ safety and health complaints and actively communicate to them about health and safety issues. Establishing a transparent and trustworthy relationship between workers and their factory Safety Committee is crucial for developing functional Safety Committees who can address workplace safety on a daily basis.

The Accord will continue to support the Safety Committee of Cassiopea Fashion Ltd. to ensure their effective functioning and will further continue to monitor completion of the factory’s Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

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