Once the initial inspections of a factory have been completed, the Accord and signatory companies facilitate the remediation process. The inspection reports are shared with factory owners, the relevant Accord signatory companies and worker representatives.

The factory owner and the companies develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) that details what remedial actions will be taken with clear timelines and a financial plan signed off by each party. In order to induce factories to comply with upgrade and remediation requirements of the Accord programme, participating brands and retailers will negotiate commercial terms with their suppliers which ensure that it is financially feasible for the factories to maintain safe workplaces and comply with the remediation requirements.

In case of temporary full or partial closure of a factory while remediation takes place, the signatory companies shall require their supplier factories that are inspected under the Accord programme to maintain workers’ employment relationship and regular income for a period of no more than six months. Failure on the part of suppliers to comply may trigger a warning notice, and ultimately termination of the business.

The Accord has a team of case handlers who provide support in the CAP development and implementation. They work closely with the Accord engineers who provide necessary technical guidance, and conduct verification visits to monitor and verify corrective actions.

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