All factories producing for Accord signatory companies are subject to independent inspections on fire, electrical and structural safety.

Factories are inspected against the Accord Building Standards, which are largely based on the Bangladesh National Building Code and the product of discussions facilitated by the ILO between the Accord, the National Tripartite Plan of Action, and the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance).

The initial inspections were conducted by international engineering firms contracted by the Accord. After each inspection, the engineers provide inspection reports with findings and remedial actions with recommended timelines. A team of permanent Accord staff engineers and case handlers support and monitor safety remediation throughout the five year program.

In cases of inspections which identify immediate and critical danger due to weaknesses in the structural integrity of the building, the Accord CSI requires Accord companies to ensure the owner evacuates the building and stops Accord company production until it is determined the building is safe for re-occupancy. The CSI simultaneously requests the Bangladesh government to order the evacuation of the building until additional strength testing has taken place or immediate remedial measures are taken.

Inspection reports are publicly available on the Accord’s website in English and Bangla and include pictures of findings. The CSI, as he determines, shall publicly disclose factories that are not making the necessary improvements in the required timeframes. The CSI will periodically report on remedial progress for all factories.

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