Good Practices: How the Accord works

Safety Committee factory walk-through improves workplace safety

The Accord Safety Committee training program includes a walk-through of the factory with the Accord trainer and Safety Committee members to identify actual or potential safety hazards.
The Safety Committee of Cassiopea Fashion Ltd., together with the Accord trainer, conducted on 29 October 2017 such a walk-through after completing their Safety Monitoring training session. Several safety hazards were identified and addressed. Read More



Accord ensures reinstatement of worker and proper fire safety training

The Accord’s safety and health complaint mechanism proves its effectiveness in providing access to remedy for safety concerns through resolution of complaint.
In July 2017 the Accord was contacted by a security guard working at an Accord covered factory, alleging that his employment was terminated despite the fact that he was, as he claimed, carrying out his duties during a scheduled fire drill. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Accord commenced an investigation into the matter. Read More



Accord prevents Ananta Apparels factory collapse

On 6 April 2017, the Accord received a complaint through the Health and Safety Complaints Mechanism from a workers’ federation,
reporting severe structural problems at Accord-covered factory Ananta Apparels Ltd. The Accord engineers promptly inspected the factory and found that the production building was unsafe. They required temporary evacuation of the building and suspension of production until urgent remediation was completed. Read More


From temporary evacuation to completion of remediation

Despite severe findings and temporary evacuation, Libas Textiles Ltd. is among the first 25 remediated factories.
When Libas Textiles Ltd. was inspected by the Accord in March 2014, the engineers identified more than 70 fire, structural and electrical hazards, including a number of safety issues that required urgent remediation: the construction of Building 2 of the factory was found to be inconsistent with the original layout plan and its columns were found too weak to carry the weight of the building. Read More



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