Accord prevents factory collapse Ananta Apparels

An example of how the Accord is fulfilling its main objective of preventing factory collapses

On 6 April 2017, the Accord received a complaint through the Health and Safety Complaints Mechanism from a workers’ federation, reporting severe structural problems at Accord covered factory Ananta Apparels Ltd. The Accord engineers promptly inspected the factory and found that the production building was unsafe. They required temporary evacuation of the building and suspension of production until urgent remediation was completed.

The workers had been evacuated the day before, when a separate 2-storey building had collapsed due to significant excavation work taking place in the vicinity. The Accord issued a temporary suspension of production notice and required for the excavated area to be immediately and completely back-filled with sand, and adequately compacted.

On 11 April 2017, the Accord engineers conducted a follow-up inspection and confirmed that the excavated area had been adequately back-filled. The Accord determined that the building is safe for re-occupation and the production can be resumed while the other immediate structural measures are being taken. The next day, the Accord distributed a pamphlet to the workers informing them about the complaint and the steps that were taken to fix the problem.

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