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Under the terms of the Accord, brand members commit to disclosing their supplier factories. This information has been consolidated into a simple aggregated list, including information pertinent to assessing building safety.

Key data points include: factory name and address, the number of stories of each structure, whether a building includes multiple apparel factories, and whether it houses other types of businesses, the number of workers at each factory, and the number of Accord signatories using each factory.

View the current list of factories covered by the Accord

The factory data management of the Accord is an ongoing process. Accord signatory brands update their factory data on an ongoing basis submitting it directly to the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC). The publicly available list on the Accord website is updated regularly but not on that same basis, thus the ongoing data management of the Accord is not reflected in this public list until the latest Accord update is uploaded.

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