From temporary evacuation to completion of remediation

Despite severe findings and temporary evacuation, Libas Textiles Ltd. is among the first 25 remediated factories

When Libas Textiles Ltd. was inspected by the Accord in March 2014, the engineers identified more than 70 fire, structural and electrical hazards, including a number of safety issues that required urgent remediation: the construction of Building 2 of the factory was found to be inconsistent with the original layout plan and its columns were found too weak to carry the weight of the building.

Libas Textile Ltd. was consequently submitted to the Review Panel*, who unanimously found that Building 2 was unsafe and needed to be evacuated and production temporarily suspended. The Accord was in constant communication with the factory, the brands sourcing from the factory, and the trade unions on the need for the building to be kept evacuated and the remediation that had to be completed.

In January 2015 the structural remediation was completed and the Accord engineers determined that Building 2 of the factory was safe for re-occupation. The Accord communicated to the responsible brands and the factory management the requirement under Article 13 of the Accord that the workers’ employment is maintained and their regular income is paid.

As of September 2016, Libas Textile Ltd. is one of the first 25 factories completing all the remediation from the initial inspections. The factory is open for production with its almost 4,000 workers receiving their regular wages.

*The Review Panel consists of four engineers: one engineer representing the Accord, one engineer representing the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, and two engineers representing the Government of Bangladesh/Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology.


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