What is inactive factory remediation fund?
Who can apply for the fund?
Why is the fund limited to inactive factories?
How much funding is available for factories?
Who will decide how much funding will made available?
Against which criteria will the accord review applications?
How will the accord verify utilization of the funds?
What happens in case of misuse of funds or failure to remediate?
What is the Accord?
What is the aim of the Accord?
How much will it cost us as a brand to sign up to the Accord?
How will the cost of structural repairs be funded?
When are the inspection scheduled?
What happens if an inspection shows that a building is unsafe?
What happens if the factory owner refuses to suspend manufacturing?
What happens if a company that has signed the Accord decides to pull out their business from Bangladesh?
Does the Accord recognise the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety?
How would the Accord ensure that small and medium-sized Companies’ needs are represented within the Accord?
What does the agreement between the Accord and the Fair Factories Clearinghouse cover?
What is the Accord’s position on unauthorised sub-contracting?

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