Safety Committee Training Program Update

Dear all,

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh is pleased to announce that the Safety Committee Training Program commenced at more than 840 Accord covered RMG factories. Functioning Safety Committees are key to ensuring that factories become – and stay – safe by conducting factory safety checks, responding to health and safety complaints, and getting information to workers on workplace safety.

Progress as of 1 December:
•844 factories participating in the Safety Committee Training Program
•805 All Employee Meetings, making for 1,820,771 worker contacts
•Safety Committee Training Curriculum completed at 169 factories

Highlights of the Safety Committee Training Program

Factory walk-throughs: enabling Safety Committee participation in inspections
Following their first Safety Monitoring training session, the factory Safety Committee together with the Accord trainer conduct a walk-through of the factory to identify actual or potential safety hazards, that are then reported to the Factory Management. Most of the issues found during these factory walk-throughs relate to inadequate use of machines, improper maintenance of fire and electrical equipment, obstacles on the work floor, or poor ventilation and lighting.

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