Remediation Progress Update

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh has issued its quarterly progress report with new data as of 1 October 2017. The data show details of remediation progress across different safety issues identified at Accord covered RMG factories in Bangladesh.

Progress as of 15 November:
• Overall remediation progress at 80%
• 100% remediation from initial inspections at 120 factories
• 90% or more remediation at 665 factories
• Safety Committee training curriculum completed at 159 factories
• 208 health and safety complaints resolved

Through refinements made to Accord’s data system, remediation progress at more than 1,600 factories covered by the Accord can now be analysed more in-depth by looking at the progress rate of the most common fire, electrical, and structural items that need to be remediated.

It shows for example, that 94.8% of factories have removed lockable and/or collapsible gates, meaning workers have more chance of escaping the factory building in an emergency. While most factories have submitted fire alarm and fire detection design drawings to the Accord and are in the process of ordering and installing the systems, the full installation including final verification of testing and commissioning has been completed at 31.3% of the factories.

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