Statement from the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (Accord) regarding the Rana Plaza Arrangement

“The Accord welcomes and supports the Rana Plaza Arrangement, a comprehensive and independent framework, consistent with international labour standards, which will provide the much-needed support for loss of income and medical expenses to the victims and dependents of the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building. Compensation falls out of the scope of the Accord, which is why we are very pleased that a common framework, the “Rana Plaza Arrangement”, has been agreed by all relevant stakeholders nationally and internationally, with the ILO acting as a neutral chair.

The Arrangement provides a single approach for covering the losses of Rana Plaza victims, and their families and dependents consistent with the ILO international standards, and in a manner that is predictable, transparent and consistent.

An international Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has now been set up to receive voluntary donations from all companies and organisations that wish to contribute.

The Trust Fund is clear in its communication – any donation to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund from any contributor is voluntary and does not imply legal responsibility or obligation for the accident. Rather, it is an expression of support for the victims of Rana Plaza. The identity of the donor and amount of the contribution will also not be publically disclosed, unless this is expressly requested in writing

The Accord believes that the joint approach agreed by the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee, which includes also the Bangladesh Ministry of Labour, the BGMEA and BEF, is a role model for a temporary compensation structure in the absence of a long term solution.

The Accord invites all of its signatory companies irrespective of whether they had any sourcing links to Rana Plaza to contribute to the Fund.