Statement on unauthorised subcontracting to Accord signatories in Dutch media

Commenting on Dutch media reports, Accord Executive Director for International operations, Alan Roberts, said:

“The contract of the Accord, to which signatories are legally bound, is explicit in its wording: there is no room for doubt that all suppliers and sub-contractors are covered by the conditions of the Accord.

“Unauthorised sub-contracting is one of the many recognised challenges for the Accord and it is impossible for the Accord alone to end the practice of unauthorised subcontracting. Where factories of unauthorised subcontractors are identified and confirmed as supplying an Accord signatory, they will be subject to the same process of inspection as primary suppliers. Our inspectors will inspect and support remediation of safety issues at such locations where necessary.

“Following an initial period of pilot inspections the Accord is now appointing inspection companies and will roll out of an inspection programme to more than 1700 suppliers in the coming months.

“By its very nature, the Accord is a collaborative initiative. We, therefore, urge all signatories and their suppliers, together with workers, their representative organisations and governments to assist us in implementing this massive programme that has the potential to help eradicate dangerous workplaces for some of the world’s most vulnerable workers.”


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Notes to editors

– The Accord is a legally binding agreement between 146 signatories including international unions IndustriALL and UNI Global, Bangladesh trade unions, and international brands and retailers (companies) covering 1,700 garment factories. A full list of these can be found here:

– The Accord’s website address is

– The Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh was signed on 13 May 2013, in response to a string of industrial tragedies including the Rana Plaza factory building collapse on 24 April 2013.